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History of Boxing

The history of boxing, is also the history of a early America.
While fighting was common on the American frontier, boxing was uncommon. The history of boxing shows the first two American boxers, both blacks, made their names in England.

The first was Bill Richmond of Staten Island, who became a servant of Lord Percy, the general who commanded the British forces occupying New York during the Revolution. In a number of matches against British soldiers, Richmond was unbeaten and Percy took him to England in 1777.

Known as "Black Terror," Richmond knocked out his first Englishmen in just 25 seconds. Not much is known of his career from then until 1805, when the 41-year-old Richmond was knocked out by British champion Tom Cribb. Richmond continued boxing until he was 52.

History of boxing repeats itself. George Foreman boxing and winning in his 50's. Boxing gained popularity, it also attracted opposition. A number of states banned boxing and others enforced existing bans that had been ignored. Major fights took place in semi-secrecy, often near state lines so that fighters and spectators could escape across the border if the cops showed up. History of boxing America's first real championship fight took place May 30, 1880, in West Virginia, near the Pennsylvania and Ohio borders.

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