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Boxing Controversy

Boxing has been classified as one of the most dangerous sports, but that is not true for there is more safety taken place than there is given credit. On the amateur level boxing is one of the safest sports, because the main idea of the game is to score points, not to knock the opponent out. In amateur boxing, the force of a blow or its effect on the opponent does not count. A punch that knocks a boxer to the mat receives no more credit than a regular blow. A knockdown is scored as a single punch and does not necessarily make the boxer a winner of that round. When scoring this way, there is little emphasis on inflicting pain. Head guards are mandatory in the United States and in major international competitions. Form-fitted mouthpieces are also required and must be worn at all times; if it falls out, it is replaced immediately. Two boxers are usually matched up to their ability or skill level so to keep the bout fair. Also a boxer is never placed in a position where he will get injured. The referee will stop the bout if a boxer is out-classed to keep him or her safe from major injury. The boxer's pride may be hurt, but he or she will be safe. To keep the boxer safe he or she are generally trained at least six months in both offensive and defensive techniques before his or her first bout. As in most other sports, an athlete new to a sport goes to practice for only two or three weeks and then the athlete has his or her first game or competition. A boxer will know how to defend himself in most situations. If the boxer cannot defend him or herself, the referee will take control of the bout and stop the action between the two boxers.

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