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About Michael Bennett

Height: 6"1'

Weight: 197 lbs.

   Chicago, IL USA

Coach: George Hernandez

Diet: Vegetarian

Favorite Snack: Honey Buns and Orange Juice

Fave Performer: Mary J. Blige. Michael worships MJB. Her music brought him peace while he was locked up.


"Video game junkie." He dreams of having his own video game. That would be the coolest thing to him. And he loves his bike (which is on block until after the games). "I'm not a role model. I am an example."

Michael Bennett hopes to someday "give back" to his community as that example by mentoring kids. He signs his autographs:

"Stay in school. Keep God first. And the sky is the limit."

It was just two years ago that Bennett was released from prison. Today, he is the current World Boxing Champion and Captain of the US Olympic Boxing Team.

His is a story of remarkable redemption, a story about second chances. Bennett began his athletic career like many other Olympic hopefuls. Growing up on Chicago's west side, Bennett stayed out of trouble and was a star athlete in football and wrestling.

One night when he was 20 years-old, he made the fateful mistake of hanging out with the wrong crowd. They committed an armed robbery. Bennett spent the next 7 years in prison. While behind bars he took up boxing.

Since being released in July of 1998, Bennett has made the most of his second chance at life. Only one year after his release, Bennett came out of nowhere to win the amateur World Championship. However, the win was a controversial walkover over Cuba's 2-time Olympic gold medalist Felix Savon.

Disappointed that he did not get a chance to beat Savon, Bennett awaits their meeting in Sydney. It is the most highly anticipated bout of the Olympiad. Bennett intends to bring that gold medal home!

Bennett is single with no children and makes his home in Chicago, Illinois. He wants to thank his family for not giving up on him while he was locked up. Their love and support has sustained him through this journey.

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